Education & Training

Providing life-changing orthopedic surgeries to people in need is only part of what Operation Walk Denver teams do in developing countries. They also educate in-country orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals in advanced surgical techniques, treatments for diseases, and the recovery procedures of hip and knee joint conditions.

We invite you to get involved and read about just some of the ways we do this.

Surgical Teams

To conduct the training necessary during the weeklong trips, Dr. Dennis sets up complete surgical teams, including interns, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, physical therapists and volunteers.
Once in-country, local surgeons, doctors and nurses are invited to join in the operating room and subsequently receive training on the recovery floor. Physical therapists are trained to continue the healing process for these patients after the Operation Walk team returns to the United States.

Patient Care

By training local healthcare professionals, Operation Walk Denver teams create a lasting, compassionate contribution.
To patient care in developing nations and learn how to better serve the most complicated cases back at home.

Long-Term Education Goal

Another long-term education goal of Operation Walk Denver is to stimulate interest and train other healthcare providers in the United States to form additional chapters of Operation Walk.
To accomplish this, experienced teams invite new Operation Walk teams to join them on their trips. In 2008, Denver team members worked with their colleagues from Boston during a trip to the Dominican Republic and helped them gain experience to perform medical missions on their own. In 2009, a team from Philadelphia joined the Operation Walk Denver team in Panama.


In partnership with Porter Hospital, OpWalk Denver plans to develop a surgical learning center.
That will enable our physicians to continue to educate and train the doctors we have engaged through previous trips.